Kills Adult Mosquitoes and their Larvae

INZECTO mosquito control system combines Traps, that attract and kill female egg-laying mosquitoes, and INZECTO Mosquito Chips, that can be dropped in all the most common water containers or places where stagnant water can accumulate and control the growth of the larvae.

inzecto mosquito control system with inzecto mosquito chips and inzecto mosquito traps

​How Mosquitoes Reproduce

Mosquitoes need small bodies of water to lay eggs and reproduce. They also are not great fliers making them unable to travel long distances. The mosquitoes found in your yard were most probably born in the same yard.
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Traditional Mosquito Control ​

Traditional mosquito control methods offer some short-term success but fail in the long run. “Spraying” for mosquitoes kills the adults, but thousands of eggs might have already been laid and only a few drops of rain are needed for a new batch of mosquitoes to start pestering you. Putting larvicide in the water containers around you can eliminate for a short period of time the larvae but makes the water undrinkable and unsuitable for other creatures living in the water, while at the same time existing adults might still continue biting. ​


The INZECTO mosquito control system combines all its products in a simple and synergistic way. The traps attract female egg-laying mosquitoes, killing the adults and their larvae; the chips provide long-lasting larvicidal protection in the water containers around you while preserving the life of the other species of animal living in the water; and the saucers, which in absence of any treatment can become an ideal breeding ground for mosquito larvae, are designed to host the larvicidal chips, making them unsuitable for the growth of mosquito population.

By deploying all INZECTO products at the same time as a coordinated system, you are attracting and killing adults and making sure that no mosquito emerges from alternative water containers. You are controlling the mosquito population without contaminating the environment, not exposing yourself and your family to harmful pesticides, while protecting animals and other useful insects at the same time.


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