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One of the greatest challenges humans face is a significant growth in the harmful pest population. Successful and efficient methods of pest control and mosquito control are entirely reliant on the knowledge of pest biology, and pest ecology in a given habitat. At INZECTO, we offer effective and eco-friendly solutions for controlling mosquitoes based on science.

The INZECTO mission is to provide long-lasting, effective, affordable, and human and pet-friendly solutions in controlling harmful insects. To achieve this, we have a strong belief in combining advanced scientific knowledge in entomology, material science, and chemistry. INZECTO offers you a wide range of pest control products and systems to control insect populations that can carry dangerous diseases.


We have developed award-winning and groundbreaking pest control products to keep environments free from mosquitoes and other harmful vectors. Our innovative methods and products have received numerous awards including the prestigious Cade Prize Sweet 16 Finalist for our revolutionary products and groundbreaking technology. The Cade Prize rewards inventors and entrepreneurs who demonstrate a creative approach to addressing problems in their field of expertise resulting in an innovative invention.

Additionally, we were recognized during the 2019 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards for our innovative products. Florida Insect Control Group (FICG) was among the Top-20 University Start-Ups in the United States selected to participate in the 2019 University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Showcase held at the US Congress.

Our number one goal is to win the fight against menacing mosquitoes, which have created havoc against humans throughout history. Our innovative applications have been developed in association with the University of Florida and funded by the Pentagon to protect soldiers on missions. All our inventions have been patented and proven environmentally friendly.

Why Choose Us?

Effective and sustainable insect pest management and control don’t have to be expensive, which is fundamental to our mission and in determining the best course of action to take in controlling dangerous insects, including mosquitoes. At INZECTO, we have invented methods and systems that are efficient in managing the mosquito population at the same time are affordable to the average household and at the same time protect the eco-system.

Scientific Knowledge

To have the upper hand in the fight against the menacing mosquito while preserving the habitat of other animals and beneficial insects, vast expertise in various science fields is required.

This includes the knowledge of the insect, how it reproduces, its feeding habits, and its habitat. INZECTO pest control products and systems have been carefully tested and found to be environmentally friendly, posing no danger to untargeted organisms.

Our products are eco-friendly. Apart from affordability, our pest control solutions contribute to zero percent of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As a result, INZECTO products promote a clean and sustainable environment.

Our Products And Their Benefits

The products and systems we offer include INZECTO Mosquito Traps, INZECTO Mosquito Chips, INZECTO Saucers utilized with our Mosquito Chips, and the INZECTO fly traps. The INZECTO mosquito control system is a combination of the Mosquito Traps that attract and kill female adult mosquitoes and the Mosquito Chips placed in stagnant water to kill mosquitoes’ eggs and larvae cutting off their development completely.

The use of chemical solutions to try and control has long been in existence. Most of these chemicals contain hazardous toxins that do not spare other aquatic organisms in the water.

Mainly, when pesticides are applied to impervious surfaces, they contaminate rain runoff and threaten waterways. Geological Survey finds pesticides at levels of concern in almost 90% of surveyed dams, rivers, and streams. The good news is that INZECTO pest control systems can significantly minimize these risks.

INZECTO Mosquito Chips

INZECTO Mosquito Chips are scientifically engineered to target only the mosquito larvae and eggs preserving the lives of other living organisms present in the water. This property preserves other organisms’ diversity and allows the conservation of other water organisms from extinction.

Unlike other chemicals dissolved in water to control the mosquito population, INZECTO Mosquito Chips once activated in water, continue to kill mosquitoes larvae for up to three months. Additionally, our chips have been proven to be human, pet, and other animals friendly even in fish in case of ingestion.

Traditional Pest Control Methods

Many methods of controlling insects have been put in use since centuries ago; one of the most common methods used is the spraying of pesticides. Continuous spraying of chemicals creates the potential for health and environmental hazards from pesticide exposure.

Besides, typical methods of fighting mosquitos are less effective than the use of INZECTO pest control systems. Conventional insecticide spraying may leave the toxic chemicals airborne or on surfaces which may cause health problems to unsuspecting children, pets, and even adults when they come into contact with them.

Short Term Effect of Spraying Insecticides

Spraying insecticides have been found to have a short time effect on targeted pests. Spraying insecticides is not selective, which means that most insecticides may kill all insects present in the vicinity not sparing endangered organisms. Considering the aforementioned inefficient methods, the INZECTO Mosquito Traps come in handy.

INZECTO Mosquito Traps

Our traps which are engineered for outdoor have been tested and confirmed to be effective in getting rid of mosquitoes from your yard. The trap is designed with red and black colors that are found to attract mosquitoes. One of this trap’s advantages is that it targets and kills mosquitoes both in their adult and larvae stages.

Since INZECTO Mosquito Traps are effective in eliminating both adult and larva populations, they are best suited as a long-term mosquito preventive strategy. The INZECTO systems products beat the spraying of insecticides approach.

Field studies have shown that spraying of insecticides may yield short time results as the chemicals only target insects present in the vicinity at the time of spraying exercise preserving millions of incubated eggs on surfaces ready to hatch once the conditions become suitable.

Since our products are eco-friendly, they maintain the natural food chain as opposed to the use of other chemical methods that disrupt the food chain by killing other untargeted organisms. Most insects develop resistance to chemical compounds present in insecticides over time. Our products have been proved to be effective even after long periods of usage.

The Science

Generally, to adopt the most convenient method of pest control, you need to identify the behavioral activities of the targeted insect.

Once identified, the application of different strategies to use becomes easy. INZECTO products and systems are zero percent toxic to humans and untargeted organisms. Due to this property, our products have proved to be at the forefront of the fight against mosquitoes.

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