When to Place your INZECTO Mosquito Trap "By Zone" in the US

When to Place your INZECTO Mosquito Trap By Zone in the US

New Technology to Control the Mosquito Population in Your Yard Utilizing the INZECTO Mosquito Trap In 3 Easy Steps

Fighting the mosquitoes in and around your yard and other outdoor living spaces does not have to be complicated or costly. The INZECTO Mosquito Trap offers a strategy to keep you and your family enjoying the outdoors without the pesky annoyance of mosquito bites or offensive repellant sprays. The INZECTO Mosquito Trap is also a great pest control product to INTEGRATE into other mosquito control programs.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1: Inspect Premises for Mosquito Breeding Areas & Remove or Cover Potential Water Holding Containers

STEP 2: Place INZECTO Traps by Zone for Prevention Early in the Mosquito Season

STEP 3: Service INZECTO Mosquito Traps by ensuring Water Levels are Maintained

Proactive Mosquito Prevention starts in the Spring.

Understanding when to place the INZECTO Mosquito Trap based on your geographic location.

“Mosquitoes emerge in 55° degree plus temperatures with adequate Rainfall. The best solution is Prevention By Zone early in the Mosquito Season to control the population.”~ Dr. Phil Koehler, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida and Co-Inventor of the INZECTO Product Line.

Most of the United States is marked by sharp temperature differences between the winter and summer months. The United States typically emerges from winter moving from the south northward with a few exceptions. Hawaii and southern Florida, for example, remain above this 55° benchmark year-round. Getting ahead of the game by placing the INZECTO Mosquito Trap before active breeding begins is key to controlling the mosquito populations in your area for the entire season.

Placing the INZECTO Mosquito Trap by Zone

ZONE 1: Place INZECTO Mosquito Traps in February / March

Place INZECTO Mosquito Traps

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii (YR), Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Texas *California Pending State Registration

ZONE 2: Place INZECTO Mosquito Traps in March / April

Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia

ZONE 3: Place INZECTO Mosquito Traps is April / May

Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming *Maine & South Dakota Pending State Registration

Learn More about the INZECTO Mosquito Trap in our Full-Length Video featuring Co-Inventor Dr. Phil Koehler from the University of Florida

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