Where Did All the Mosquitoes Go?

Mosquitoes have an indelible way of making their presence known. If they are around, they will surely let you know as evidenced by their itchy bite marks. But have you ever wondered where all the mosquitoes go during the cold, winter months of the year? Read more to find out.

Mosquitoes Go

It should be noted that not all mosquitoes are created equal. In fact, there are more than 3000 species of mosquitoes found on the planet, and approximately 175 different species can be found in North America. For this exercise, however, we will simplify and divide it into two categories. Those mosquitoes that are active year-round and those that are not, with the focus here being on the latter.

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects; therefore, they are unable to generate their own body heat to keep themselves warm when the winter season approaches, and the weather begins to cool. The mosquito relies on the warmth of its surroundings to maintain any level of activity. Mosquito activity depends on sustained temperatures near 55 ° Fahrenheit. As winter nears, a mosquito’s activity begins to slow down and will eventually come to a halt.

Mosquitoes seek out protected areas where they can hide from the elements and cold temperatures. They may burrow into the ground or seek shelter in protected areas, such as underneath leaf litter, within cracks in walls, or inside homes or other buildings. Some species of female mosquitoes will also lay their eggs in water sources that do not freeze, giving their eggs the chance to hatch when the temperatures rise again in the spring.

Mosquitoes will essentially find a safe place to reside for the winter and then go into a state of dormancy or hibernation to survive the freezing temperatures. This process is known as diapause. The mosquito’s metabolism slows down, and development is suspended. They will become so inactive in fact that they may even appear to be deceased or sleeping.

This stage of the mosquito’s lifecycle:

Although not as well known, is still a significant piece of what keeps this notorious insect reproducing year after year. Despite the short reprieve from the annoying buzzing and biting, the mosquito will undoubtedly continue to be better remembered for its infamous, unsavory characteristics.

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With thoughts on warmer weather and the return of spring, planning your pest control game plan is always a good idea. As the warming temperatures of spring begin to reappear so comes the awakening of the pesky mosquito from its deep slumber.

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