Florida Resort utilizes INZECTO Mosquito Traps as their Eco-friendly Mosquito Control Solution​

Florida Resort utilizes INZECTO Mosquito Traps as their Eco-friendly Mosquito Control Solution​

In the state of Florida, the mosquito population is active nearly all year round. Resorts, theme parks, and other outdoor venues are prime targets for mosquitoes with millions of visitors every year. The lush tropical environments are the perfect breeding ground for these pesky insects to flourish. The vast wildlife population is also a prime target for mosquitoes with the potential to transmit diseases.  

Eco-friendly Mosquito Control Solution​

INZECTO Mosquito Traps Utilized in Hard-to-Treat Areas

The resort was experiencing increased mosquito activity and searching for alternative mosquito treatment solutions that would be safe to utilize around patrons as well as the wildlife.  After an extensive search, the INZECTO Mosquito Trap was selected to be used throughout the resort, as a green solution that does not require spraying insecticides.

The INZECTO Traps have been in use for a year now at the resort and the results have been extremely positive.  Once a frequent occurrence, guest complaints surrounding biting mosquitos are now nearly nonexistent after installing the INZECTO Mosquito Traps. They are working excellent and are changed out every 3 months by resort personnel. 

INZECTO Offers a Pollinator-Friendly Solution

The abundant flowering plants throughout the resort offer the perfect environment for pollinators.  INZECTO Mosquito Traps are pollinator friendly. The traps are ideal as there are no restrictions on the placement of traps and beneficial insects or pollinators are not attracted to the traps, nor do they like to enter dark spaces.

Installation of the INZECTO Trap Throughout the Resort

Inside the resort grounds, INZECTO Mosquito Traps are placed in shaded areas where mosquitoes rest and breed.  The traps are strategically placed on the back side of trees or structures where they will not be disturbed or seen by visiting guests.  Traps can be placed on the ground or hung in trees.  Hanging the traps also allows for easy maintenance and refilling of water.   The traps were initially placed in the high problem areas and then expanded to other areas of the resort.

Eco-friendly Mosquito Control Solution​

INZECTO Mosquito Trap Installed to Reduce Contact from Visitors

The INZECTO Mosquito Trap is installed and secured to trees and other structures throughout the resort using zip ties and long screws.  Installing the traps above the ground allows park personnel easy access and upkeep.

The Traps have been a low-maintenance solution to managing the resort’s mosquito problems, requiring very little time and effort for the personnel to service the traps. The trap’s unique design reduces airflow and water evaporation.  Rarely was additional water needed to refill the traps after first deployed.

No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required for the Installation or Maintenance of the INZECTO Mosquito Traps

To handle and install the INZECTO Mosquito Traps, no PPE equipment is required and there is no contact with the actives inside of the trap due to its unique design.  This is especially important so staff, visitors and animals alike are both protected from mosquitoes and not exposed to pesticides.  

Protecting the Animals from Insecticides at the Resort

At certain times of the year at the resort, the trees become nesting sites for large numbers of birds like the Ibis.  Most methods of mosquito control involve spraying insecticides into the air or onto vegetation that may be contacted by animals in the area.  The INZECTO Mosquito Trap solves this problem by providing a mosquito control solution that does not require spraying insecticides into the environment but contains insecticides away from animal contact.    

INZECTO’s New Technology to Effectively Reduce the Mosquito Population

The INZECTO Mosquito Traps’ design and technology is perfect for environments where spraying insecticides around animals and humans may be prohibited.  The micro-dose of insecticides contained within the trap allows no access or handling of the actives. 

The INZECTO Mosquito Traps’ technology is based on an Attract & Kill strategy.  The black and red coloring is proven to significantly attract more female mosquitoes. The sides of the trap have a ribbed structure to reduce airflow, as mosquitoes prefer wind-protected areas. The trap also includes a leaf-infused mixture as a food source for the larvae and produces a stagnant water odor to entice the female mosquito to lay her eggs in the trap.

INZECTO’s Controlled Delivery Technology - Effective, Simple and Low Maintenance Solution for Personnel

Before INZECTO was installed, the resort was experiencing numerous complaints about biting mosquitoes.  Following the installation of the INZECTO Mosquito Trap, the complaints stopped, and visitors were protected with no hazards to humans or animals.

To activate the INZECTO Mosquito Traps, personnel simply added water to deploy.  A one-step process offering simple upkeep, the INZECTO Mosquito trap is designed with a self-maintaining overflow spout reducing the man hours needed to implement an effective, eco-friendly mosquito control solution.

INZECTO Mosquito Trap Superior Qualities:

Integrated Mosquito Control Approach

INZECTO Mosquito Traps are designed to extend mosquito protection to environmentally sensitive areas where pollinators may be abundant (e.g., flowering shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, areas near water). These areas cannot be effectively treated with traditional methods, making the traps a perfect strategic complement to an integrated mosquito control program. Along with the use of INZECTO Mosquito Traps the resort utilizes granular and briquet larvicides for fountains and waterways.


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