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Research, development and discoveries uncovered in university laboratories and field studies are often painstakingly prepared for scientific journals — and then archived

INZECTO was selected as a WorldFestival 2022 Startup and Innovation Award nominee, and is competing for a spot in the global Top 50 Startups of 2022. The WorldFestival Conference and Expo will convene in San Francisco, California on August 3rd through the 4th, 2022 and will highlight the top emerging technology trends and innovation.


WorldFestival 2022 Startup and Innovation Award Nominee

The WorldFestival 2022 Startup Awards is the world’s largest startup awards event (All-Virtual) identifying and recognizing global innovation, with 30,000+ members voting on 2,500+ startups, companies, and new technologies.

Winners are chosen based on 3 factors:

  • Crowd Votes (anyone can judge)
  • Committee Votes (qualified tech professionals judging at the virtual event)
  • Benchmark points, including: funding raised, news and media coverage, etc

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